These words represent my first foray into the world of blogs. This blog is intended to be a sort of interactive notebook for issues relating to my own computer. I have recently installed linux on my laptop and I am learning about this operating system and its software as I go along. I have noticed that after having learned how to do something new, I sometimes forget the details again soon. So, to save me the time of learning things all over again, I am keeping notes of the issues and solutions that I come across. I see it as my personal computer related changelog, wiki, or simply an aide-memoire. I could have kept these notes on my hard drive for future use, but putting the whole thing online has several advantages:

  • Others in similar situations can benefit from it,
  • hopefully I will get some helpful comments from others that know more about these things,
  • it’s tag and searchable, and
  • it’s all backed up and accessible from other computers.

Perhaps this will also be a useful resource to others. Relevant comments are welcome, but do not expect me to provide answers as I don’t check back often. For answers and discussion, I recommend the Ubuntu Forums.

Here we go then…


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