Read/write to FAT and NTFS partitions

After initial installation neither my FAT or NTFS partitions would be found and the Ubuntu help is not of much use to me (see here, here and here).

I installed pysdm using Synaptic package manager, after reading above forums. After installing it, it appears as > System > Administration > Storage device manager
confusion: is it called “pysdm” or “storage device manager”?

Decided to make folders for the NTFS and the FAT partitions in /media:

cd /media
sudo mkdir ntfs_windows
sudo mkdir fat_files

Then ran pysdm and chose those folders as mountpoints. Tried it more than once, had to use the “assistant” to mount and make accessible the NTFS partition. Partial success: both partitions are found, NTFS is read only, FAT is read/write.

Looked for info on how to get NTFS write access. Installed ntfs-3g using Synaptic.

Then followed the instructions on that page…
sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak
gksudo gedit /etc/fstab

…in the fstab file changed the line for the ntfs partition to:
/dev/sda2 /media/ntfs_windows ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_GB.utf8 0 0
…rebooted computer and had full read/write access to the NTFS partition!! 🙂 (I needed this to repair a badly damaged windows installation on that partition)

Note: to see what partitions there are: sudo fdisk -l

To make FAT partition writeable, changed line in fstab to:
/dev/sda3 /media/fat_files vfat iocharset=utf8,umask=000 0 0

Plugged in external USB hard drive (Trekstor/FAT): works perfectly. 🙂


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