Ubuntu installation

There is very little to say about installing Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Etch on my Dell Precision M70 laptop: everything seems to “just work” …so far
I have yet to check whether all the hardware is recognised and configured correctly (e.g. graphics-card, wireless, etc.).

Partitions: chose “use largest unallocated space on disk for partitioning” (similar wording?) for partitioning. I had already pre-partitioned the hard drive with an NTFS-partition containing WinXP, a FAT-partition for my documents and files, and free space for linux.


2 responses to “Ubuntu installation

  1. so, what did “use largest unallocated space on disk for partitioning” mean? Did it use up all the hard drive space there was left for the partition, or just the pre partitioned? I want too install Ubuntu too, but still want to have some space left on the Windows partition.

  2. It did exactly what it says, it used up all the space that was unallocated and installed ubuntu there. By “unallocated” I mean the part of the drive that had no partition on it. It did not touch the existing NTFS (for windows) or FAT partitions.
    As I pointed out in the post, I had pre-partitioned the drive before installation (using some Windows partition software that came with my external harddrive). When doing that, I resized my NTFS partition with Windows on it, created a FAT partition (that I could store all my files on), and left a chunk of the disk unpartitioned, which is the part that Ubuntu then took over.

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