Hardy Heron / Ubuntu 8.04 install

I have just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04, and thus there are some new things to blog about.

I could not actually upgrade, as I got this error every time I tried:
Could not calculate the upgrade
A unresolvable [sic] problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.

So, guessing that it may be caused by “unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu” I uninstalled/disabled the following:
BlueMarine, easyTAG, Firefox add-ons, flashplugin-nonfree, Flock, Gnomad, GQview, gstreamer plugins bad, ugly and ffmpeg, gxine, libdvdread3, LightZone, MPlayer, multiverse sources, NVidia restricted drivers, Picasa, pysdm, Skype, Sun Java, VLC
Still, every time I tried upgrading the same error popped up.

So, instead I did a fresh install of Ubuntu, which went well. I don’t find the partitioning part well done for someone who’d like to keep his existing Windows installation. I chose manual configuration, deleted the existing Ubuntu (7.10) partition, and chose to reformat it as ext3 as root partition… all the while not being sure whether I was doing the right thing…


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