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LightZone on a netbook

Just a note (uhmm, from 4 years ago) about running LightZone on a netbook running Jaunty. Note that LightZone is back with version 4.1 (


Rearranging the furniture

I rearranged the panels to have only one panel at the bottom and added buttons for firefox, terminal, tomboy and deskbar. I guess that comes from the many years of using windows. Also, I like to have menus and buttons in one place, and since this is quite a wide screen, it doesn’t make sense wasting horizontal space. I found having only a top panel weird looking. It results in two bars across the whole top of the screen when a window is maximised – does not look good to me.

After moving everything to the bottom, I noticed that the menus seem to be arranged with a top panel in mind. Need to investigate reordering menus later, maybe look at SUSE’s menu.

Oh, I also tried to play an MP3 file. As expected it did not work. Will deal with restricted formats later.